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 It Isn't the Church It's You

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PostSubject: It Isn't the Church It's You   Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:02 pm

It Isn't The Church It's You

If you want to have the kind of a church
like the kind of a church you like,
You needn't slip your clothes in a grip
And start on a long, long hike.
You'll only find what you left behind,
For there's nothing really new.
It's a knock at yourself when you knock your church;
It isn't the church-its you!

When everything seems to be going wrong,
And trouble seems everywhere brewing;
When prayer meeting, young people's meeting, and all,
Seems simmering slowly - stewing,
Just take a look at yourself and say,
"What's the use of being blue?"
Are you doing your "bit" to make things "hit"?
Its isn't the Chruch it's you!

It's really strange sometimes, don't you know,
That things go as well as they do,
When we think of the little - the very small mite-
We add to the work of the few.
We sit, and stand 'round, and complain of what's done,
And do very little but fuss.
Are we bearing our share of the burdens to bear?
It isn't the church - it's US.

So, if you want to have the kind of a Church
Like the kind of a church you like,
Put off your guile, and put on your best smile
And hike, my brother, just hike
To the work in hand that has to be done -
The work of saving a few.
It isn't the church that is wrong, my boy
It isn't the church - it's you
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It Isn't the Church It's You
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