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 The Five Best Fairies

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PostSubject: The Five Best Fairies   Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:34 pm

The Five Best Fairies
Is flying through the air,
He's in our homes and in our hearts,
About us everywhere.
We see him in the night time
When we have gone to bed,
Sitting on our pillow,
Or floating round our head.
We hear him in the morning
As soon as we arise,
"Don't forget the aged
And little ones," he cries.
"If you are well and happy
Still happier you'll be,
If you will open wide your heart
And say 'COME IN' to me.
I'll tell you of your neighbors
Who are both ill and sad,
But who by deeds of kindness
You may make very glad.
And for your Christmas presents
Oh, how I hope and pray
That Earth's five best good fairies
To you will come and stay."

"The first is GOOD HEALTH FAIRY,
Whose aid all mortals seek,
For he is life's elixir
And gives strength to the weak.
Without this gracious fairy
No one can ever know
A single hour of perfect peace
Away from GOBLIN WOE.
So treasure this good fairy
And keep him safe with you,
For he will be a faithful friend
And one that's ever true.

To all your wants give heed,
So you may never suffer
From dreaded SPECTER NEED.

"A third most precious fairy
I know will stay with you
If you have HEALTH to make you smile
And MEANS so you may do
The little deeds of kindness
And little acts of love
Which bring true gladness to this earth
From radiant realms above.

"With health and comfort and true love,
No fairies, it would seem,
Would be quite necessary
To make this life a dream,
But as most every mortal
Has hopes of great success,
Reaching high for certain goals
Toward which they go in quest.
I pray SUCCESS, the fairy,
Will help to win your part
In everything you undertake,
In finance, science, art.

"Now, with good health and comfort
And love and great success,
There always travels side by side
Oh, may these five good fairies
Forever dwell with thee,
And then you'll be as happy
As any one can be."

by Winifred Sackville Stoner Jr.
Love & Hugs,
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The Five Best Fairies
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