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 What's Wrong with this Cake?

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PostSubject: What's Wrong with this Cake?   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:25 pm

Too much baking powder or other leavening
Too much sugar
Temperature too low
Insuffiecient baking
Leaving oven door open too long before cake has set
Jarring oven door.

What Causes Cakes to peak in Center?
Too many eggs
Not enough sugar
Not enough baking powder
Too much heat
Too much flour

What causes cakes to crumble or become too tender?
Too much sugar. Not enough eggs. Oven temperature too low. Too much baking powder

Why is part of the sugar in a butter cake sometimes added to the egg whites that are folden in last?
The addition of sugar stablizies the whites and makes it easier to fold them into the batter
Folding should continue only until no bits of egg white appear in the batter

Can Brown Sugar be substituted successfully in a butter cake calling for granulated sugar?
It is always better to use the type of sugar designated in the recipe, but if it must be substituted it is safer to do so by weight than by measure.

Why is cake flour used in sponge cakes?
because it gives a lighter and more tender cake

Why is cream of tartar used in French pastry and angel food cakes?
because it stabilizes the egg whites, and also bleaches flour in angel food cake. If cream of tartar is omitted in these cakes, they shrink excessively after they are removed from oven

Why do sponge cakes fall out of pans while cooling?
Greased pan
sometimes a new, very smooth pan will cause this
it is best to place new angel food pans made of tinware in a 350F oven for several hours
Also rub sides and bottom of pan with steel wool
Aluminum pans do not require this treatment

Why do sponge cakes sometimes have a soggy bottom?
They may have been left in a pan too long while cooling they should be removed within 2 hours if cake is too close to table when inverted
This causes condensation of steam. Insufficient beating of whites. Flour is too soft.

What causes coarse-grained sponge cakes?
Insufficient mixing. oven temperature too low. very coarse sugar.

What causes tough sponge cake?
overbeating egg whties
overbaking. Too much flour

Why is part of the sugar combined with the flour in angel food and sponge cakes?
Sifting part of the sugar with the flour prevents formation of small balls thus making it easier to incorporate the flour into the beaten whites
This method requires less mixing and results in a more tender cake with more volume.
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What's Wrong with this Cake?
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