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 GingerBread Spice Rope

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PostSubject: GingerBread Spice Rope   Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:39 pm

GingerBread Spice Rope

The little Gingerbread People are smiling because they have a secret--a little pocket in their backs for fresh spices.

These ropes can be made to match any color scheme and they may be used for sachets if you would prefer a sweet scent rather than spice.

Materials needed are about 42 inches of yarn in coordinating colors such as orange, brown and tan.
The yarn is the thick kind often used for holding ponytails in place or for packages.
You will also need dark brown double knit fabric or felt. (be sure to use something that won't unravel)
You will need stuffing, white and orange yarn, several straw flowers, two cinnamon sticks and whole cloves.
Braid 3 strands of thick yarn into long rope, fold in half. To form a loop for hanging. Tie near top with a piece of orange yarn. Twist the rope and tie off bottom with orange yarn.
Trim ends evenly.
Cut Gingerbread boy and girl from brown fabric or felt. Cut a pocket for each, stitch to back of each figure.
Stitch features and button with white yarn. Using even running stitches sew around figures, stuffing as you go. With orange yarn, attach finished dolls to the rope by tying firmly around neck (you may tack the doll in place to hold it more securely)
Tie cinnamon sticks to rope with orange yarn. Work several straw flowers into the bow as it's tied. Sew a bone ring to the rope top for easy hanging Fill the back pockets with whole cloves.
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GingerBread Spice Rope
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