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 Holiday Shoe Box-Glass Block Lights

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PostSubject: Holiday Shoe Box-Glass Block Lights   Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:36 pm

Holiday Shoebox: Glass Block Lights
Carol Duvall Show : Episode CDW-702 -- More Projects »

By Carol Duvall



Angelique Bazell




Today’s phone conversation was with Angelique Bazell of Cedar Park, Texas, who apparently has a great way with a drill and glass blocks. The glass blocks, the kind that you often see used in windows or as room dividers, are a hot item in the crafting world these days when turned into night lights...and in this case, holiday night lights.

Angelique took us through the project, explaining that the first thing you need to do is drill a small hole in one side of the brick large enough to allow a strand of Christmas lights to be pushed through to the inside. To drill the hole, a 1/2-inch diamond drill bit was recommended. If a diamond bit is not readily available, a carbide drill bit with an arrowhead tip can be used, but the drilling will take quite a bit longer. Before drilling you should put on safety goggles, and when the drilling is complete, shake out the ground glass that will have fallen to the inside of the brick.

The next step, which calls for applying art work to the outside of the brick, Angelique does with the aid of her computer. She belongs to an online graphics club, so she has a lot of artwork available to her. Angelique makes her art work translucent by spraying it with three or four coats of clear gloss spray. Though she did not suggest it, I would think that transfers would be ideal. Even your own art work or stamped designs done on vellum might be suitable. Anything that you can adhere to the glass that will allow a soft light to come through would accomplish the job. Angelique uses her Xyron to apply the picture to the glass using a cartridge that laminates one side and applies adhesive to the other.

Angelique sent us several of her night lights using different-sized glass bricks. All featured a different scene, and with the lights turned down low, they were all very attractive and very effective.

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Holiday Shoe Box-Glass Block Lights
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