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 Holiday Treats for the Birds

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PostSubject: Holiday Treats for the Birds   Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:34 pm

Holiday Treats for Birds YOU WILL NEED:

Bagels, English Muffin, or stale bread
Peanut Butter and or honey
bird seed
cord or yarn
ears of corn
medium weight wire
sewing needle
brightly colored, donut shaped cereal
dental floss
apples and or oranges


Bread Treats:

Cut the bagels or english muffins in half, or lay the stale bread flat.
Spread one side with peanut butter or honey, then
Sprinkle it with bird seed to coat.
Thread a short piece or cord or yarn through the bread or the hold of the bagel and tie into a loop to use for hanging.

Corn Treats:

Wrap the medium weight wire around the corn cob, leaving a small tab at the end to use for hanging.

Cereal Garlands:

Thread a long length of dental floss throught the eye of the sewing needle, and use the needle to thread the cereal onto the floss, alternating the colors to form a bright chain.

Apple or Orange Treats:

Cut the apple or orange into thick slices, pierce a small hole in each slice and thread yarn or cord through the hole to use as a hanger.
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Holiday Treats for the Birds
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