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 How to Make a Cranberry Tree

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PostSubject: How to Make a Cranberry Tree   Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:34 pm

How to Make a Cranberry Tree

One rectangle of hardware cloth, measuring 16 to 32 inches (coarse 1/4 inch mesh material, available at hardware stores.)

Tin Snips
Wire for Fastening
Sphagnum moss
Three boxes of toothpicks
Two pounds of Fresh Cranberries, (Buy an additional box if you want all berries to be dark red)
Large Ivy Leaves
Sprig of Holly
Low cake plate of stand

Trim the hardware cloth into a semicircle with tin snips, keeping the diameter at 32 inches (the radius will be 16 inches) Bend it into a cone. Fasten the overlapping edge with wire at 2 inch intervals
The greater the overlap, the smaller the circumference and the narrower the cone.

Trim the bottom if necessary, to level the cone.

Soak sphagnum moss in water to soften, and stuff it into the cone. Let moss drip dry if necessary

Insert a toothpick into each cramberry

Push berry-topped toothpicks into the moss, covering the frame completely

Place the cone on the cake plate and add the finishing touches, a spring of holly at the top and ivy leaves tucked around the base.
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How to Make a Cranberry Tree
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