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 String Balloon Ball Decorations

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PostSubject: String Balloon Ball Decorations   Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:44 pm

String Balloon Ball Decorations

To make balloon ball ornaments and decorations with string you will need to have the following supplies
Some strong round balloons,
Strong cotton string (bedspread thread)
and a bottle of liquid starch

Blow up ballon to desired size and tie securely
It is wise to start with a small balloon three or four inches in diameter for first try at this craft.

Wind string around balloon snugly, but not too tightly in spider web fashion.
Leave a few inches of string so you can hang balloon.
Dip balloon into starch. Cover or soak it thoroughly.
Hang it up to drip and dry overnight.
String ball must be stiff and firm when dry
Puncture balloon
Pull pieces through holes in string an discard them

Decorate ball anyway you wish and use as a Christmas tree decoration. Once you learn the technique of making string balloon balls, you can try all kinds of interesting ideas and variations.
Try colored string or use gold or silver spray paint.
Use glitter, sequins, tiny ornaments, or colored glass decorations on them
adorn them with velvet ribbons, Ornaments hangers in place of string ends can be used to hang balls on tree.
These can be worked into string while starch is wet
After a little experience making these balls, try gluing different size balloon balls together to make a miniatrure Christmas tree.
Place on mantle of coffee table with a few evergreen springs or holly around base. Balls of decreasing sizes glued together can also form an ornament to be used for top tip of Christmas tree.
Try squeezing balloon in one or more places to vary shape of ornament
Tie squeezes with string in order to hold the interesting shape while working
Because they can range from simple to complex, string balloon balls make interesting family projects in which all but the very youngest can participate.
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String Balloon Ball Decorations
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