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 Spruce Tree Cone Owls

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PostSubject: Spruce Tree Cone Owls   Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:42 pm

Spruce Tree Cone Owls

scales on spruce tree cones are softer and curlier than scales on pine cones. They'll look like feathers when you snip them into bird shapes

Base of cone is top of birds head
Mark 1 scale near top to be birds beak, then, with scissors, snip off scales around beak to shape head and neck of bird
Cut beak scale to a point.

To make the base for feet, so bird will stand, cut off tip of cone opposite head. Stuff bits of tissue in between cut scales to make base flat.

Bend hairpins to look like birds feet glue to base. Glue circle of heavy paper over base holding hairpin feet in place.

Paint thumbtacks like targets, black and white, for eyes, glue to head on either side of beak. Paint beak orange, or outline it in white so it can be clearly seen
Paint entire bird if you wish.
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Spruce Tree Cone Owls
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